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-- Helping clients achieve "Totally Lean Welding"™ operations
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We Specialize in Welding Engineering and Consulting Services

Welding and Fabricating Operations Analysis
Typically conducted to establish where and how clients can improve the quality, efficiency, throughput and safety of their welding operations, and the amount of money they could save by doing so. Typical potential savings have been found to range from $15,000 to $25,000 per welder, annually. In addition, we help our clients determine the most appropriate processes, procedures, tooling and equipment to use in their welding operations.
Welding Management Plans
Critical for ISO/QS certification and for achieving "Totally Lean Welding"™ operations. When welding-intensive companies implement a "lean manufaturing" system, they frequently do not achieve the cost and quality improvements they expected to gain. Often this is because the company needs to develop a good welding management plan and incorporate into their "lean" system. A good welding management plan provides the information, training, and management controls necessary to markedly improve the quality, productivity, throughput and safety of a company's welding operations - to get those operations totally lean and keep them that way, day after day, and year after year!
Technical Consulting and Assistance in Problem Solving
Our Engineering Services division can assist you in solving difficult problems relating to materials, processes, procedures, equipment, tooling, workcells, codes and quality, use of robots, health, safety, etc.
Design Review and Critical Analysis of Products and Tooling
Get our thoughts and ideas as to the design of your welded products and the jigs, fixtures and other tooling used in your manufacturing operations. We can help you utilize CAD design and analysis programs more effectively, and also with concept development, design and manufacturability reviews, etc.
Training and Education
We provide customized, expert training to meet the unique needs of our client's welders, welding supervisors, inspectors, designers, engineers and managers.
Team and Litigation Support
Let your special-purpose teams or legal group benefit from our input! Ensure the success of cross-functional special project, kaizan, target-pricing or bid and proposal teams - or your legal battle - by taking advantage of our knowledge of both the art and the science of welding!

If your company is involved with welding, we can help you!

To get more familiar with how our Engineering Services division can help you, please look at our Chief Engineer's resume.

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